About Us

About Us - Stetson FamilyThe Stetson family is in their third generation of ranching, teaching and training the fourth and fifth to be conscientious stewards of the earth. Starting in Colorado, the Stetson family has expanded to Southern Montana and is now serving products across the country. Our ranch is fully-functional and self-sustaining with an emphasis on ethical, maintainable practices that return the earth and soil to optimal growing and production states. We’re driven to provide the best services and materials to our fellow ranches and farmers and lead the country in an organic, practical, down-to-earth revolution.

Barn - Stetson FamilyGEBO BARN

The Gebo Barn is Stetson Ranches’ crowning jewel, an imposing red and exposed concrete structure that houses equipment, production, and animals. Built in the early 1900s, the Gebo Barn has been declared and registered as a historic place, partially due to the intensive care and caution that¬†families has taken to repairs, construction, and use. Originally built by a wealthy investor and businessman, the Gebo Barn now supports our family ranch and remains a powerful reminder of days gone by. The Gebo Barn retains its integrity, settled in an unchanging rustic and beautiful setting. Surrounded by mature Cottonwood trees and lush fields as well as all the farming and ranches structures built around it, the Gebo Barn sits in a picturesque bend of the Clarks Fork River. Towering mountains skirt the Clarks Fork Valley, mimicked in the peaks and valleys of the barn. Visible from the road, our barn is a landmark and beacon for our family and anyone traveling along the road.