Stetson Field - HayCertified hay and alfalfa is carefully grown and maintained to ensure that it fits within the guidelines set out by the North American Weed Management Noxious Weed list. This ensures that none of the invasive species contaminate the hay or alfalfa, preventing their spread. The certification process is intensive, and requires us to contact our local Department of Agriculture inspector prior to swathing, and cutting must take place within ten days. After that, the inspector will file a certificate of inspection with the State Department of Agriculture, signifying that the foraged goods are free of weeded noxious weeds and safe for transport.

The demand for certified weed-free forage stems from the country’s desire to halt the invasion of noxious species. These weeds are aggressive, competitive, and steal moisture, nutrients, and sunlight from surrounding plants. The overrun native plants die out, limiting the number of resources for mammals and water fowl in the area. This causes a catastrophic collapse in the eco-system.

Stetson Ranches, LLC., grows and uses certified hay and alfalfa in our own operations, including our grass finished beef. Certified hay is one way that we ensure the earth we work and utilize is returned to a healthy state every growing season. This commitment allows us to grow nutritionally valuable certified hay and alfalfa without expanding our lot or land size. We invest in the earth we have, and utilize our humus, tea, and compost on our fields as well, and perform our own soil and forage testing each season to ensure that we’re growing to our own strict standards. For more information about our certified hay, including availability and pricing, please call us at (406) 261-6344. If you’re interested in learning more about our cohesive humus and tea system, which can help you develop your own enriched and balanced soil, read more.