Hay & Alfalfa

Stetson Ranches, LLC., grows and uses varying alfalfa and native grasses in our hay on for our own livestock operations as well as for our customers. Our hay crop changes depending on our needs and the needs of our customers. For hay inquiries, contact Jay Stetson.


Stetson Ranches Hay Fields

We currently raise sainfoin, straight alfalfa, and native grass/alfalfa mixes. Depending on the type of forage, we typically get 3 cuttings a year. We have long term relationships with our customers from Montana to the stock yards in Alabama, to Kentucky, Texas, and many places in between! We put up 3’x3’x8’ square bales with our average bale weights coming in at 850 lbs. This allows us to cater to both the horse feeder as well as any size cattle operation. Most of our hay is sold before the season begins so if you would like a quote for next year, give Jay Stetson a call!