Stetson Ranches, LLC., is a privately-owned, locally-centered, self-sustaining ranch in southern Montana. Focused on being stewards of the earth, the Stetson family utilize natural and ethical practices in their cattle, fields, and compost. The family believes in responsible land management, and are driven to produce better products with less waste and fewer chemical additions every season.

Settled below the mountains of southern Montana, Stetson Ranches is home to a third generation farming and ranching family, teaching and leading the fourth and fifth generations in their careful, thoughtful manner. Everyone on the farm contributes to its well-being, whether it’s weeding, turning compost, or gathering soil samples. There’s a feeling of community, a home-grown attachment to the earth that allows this land to flourish under the watchful eye of Jay and Tina, who carefully cultivate their earth and animals.



We offer our products across the Rocky Mountains, and encourage farmers and ranchers of all sizes to consider their soil quality. Our all-natural, organic products are safe for kids and pets, and with virtually no down-time after application, make the ideal, low-commitment soil supplement. This is a long-term commitment to healthier soil with a higher return, cutting the need for pesticides or chemically created soil additives over the span of several years.

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Hay field


As part of our commitment to land and soil sustainability, we grow, use, and sell our own certified hay. Certified hay means that the fields were thoroughly inspected prior to cutting and baling, and proved to have no weeds on the North American Weed Management Noxious Weed list in or near a seed producing stage. This lessons the risk of transporting noxious weeds across the state and is vital to natural soil rehabilitation.

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Our grass-fed and grass-finished beef is higher in nutrients, more ethically raised, and far tastier than their grain-fed or finished counterparts. We're working on building and establishing our herd in a responsible way, with no GMOs, no antibiotics, and no unnecessary intervention. This "hands-off" approach allows us to naturally create a stronger line of beef with higher tolerance to the Montana weather and less reliance on potentially unsavory additives.

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