Start at the Soil


Humus is a high value, intensely nutritive product that comes from compost. It’s specifically balanced to increase land yield and produce more valuable produce. The humus is full of microbial cultures, which support the thriving ecosystem just below the soil surface, surrounding plant roots with interdependent microbes that prevent loss of moisture, excessive weed growth, or improper plant nutrition. This “invisible farmer” ensures that your crops are protected and increases the yield per acre. For humus inquiries, contact Jay Stetson.


Humus, Latin for “soil”

Humus is an organically rich, healthy, and alive elevated compost that is designed to enrich and supplement all soil types. It’s referred to as the life of the soil, adding body, pest resistance, and moisture retention while feeding and sustaining plants. This organic approach to composting is creating a higher yield and more nutritionally dense produce and vegetation than any other system today, and it’s safe, all-natural, and sustainable. Our three-tier system is designed to give back to the earth what has been stripped from it in the years of manufacturing, growing, and agricultural depletion.

A Balance of Nutrients


Our compost is developed with a wide variety of materials to ensure a healthy balance of nitrates, carbon, and nutrients. This compost can be utilized as-is, and available for purchase. We track our products through the entire process, which allows us to create specialized orders that match your soil needs. This customization process is available for bulk orders with advanced notice.

Nurtured Microbes

Compost Tea

This rich, organic liquid is produced on-site from our organically and microbially diverse humus. The key to healthy soil and increased crop production is a diverse and balanced eco-system which supports plant life. This tea is crafted to preserve the microbes nurtured in the compost and humus and is activated immediately before soil application, encouraging rapid reproduction and sustained soil health.


Long term commitment to soil rehabilitation

At Stetson Ranch, we’re proud to be stewards of the earth. This humus and compost tea system has been utilized with success, increasing yield and returning nutrients and organic matter back to deplenished soil.